Monica Lira aka Sista Moni, born in Sweden 1988. Moved to Spain in 2000 where her musical career started 2004. She was introduced by her brother Pato Ranking to his crew Brainfood Soundsystem featuring Sirlectah Kito, Loremba, Don Anteo, Cheguesara La Combativa, Dready Andread, Sista Bubble, Pato Ranking.

Coming from a musical family, her mother and her family members of 14 siblings coming from a classic music background using the voice to replicate instruments as they also played instruments, and always the inclusion of their voices in performing compositions such as Bach and other classical compositions. This gave her a richness in her musical education from a early age which led towards the younger siblings performing easier interpretations of classics compositions during 3 years.  Within the time Moni was living in Chile, when she was 15 years old she started her musical career being part of Brainfood “family» Soundsystem in Torrevieja Spain. Shestarted to sing songs written by her brother «Pato Ranking» and soon after she started to write her own songs.  During those years with Brainfood Family she had the opportunity to gain more musical experience by playing in many pubs, clubs, various venues and festivals. Moni also performed numerous occasions with sound system on the beach across the region, and recorded in many different studios in as many countries. In that time she met collaborated with many a good musicians, selecters, producers and one of those was Prince Jamo in 2008 were they was playing together in a festival in Murcia/Spain also with Don Fe. In 2010 she later went to Italy to embark on a tour again with The Brainfood crew, and also the same year she moved for a short time to Sweden, soon after Moni was invited to play in Uppsala Reggae Festival. 2010 and 2011 was active traveling and with concerts. She moved to the Pyrenees/Spain in 2012 where she was frequently around «Kalytea Sound” France playing gigs together where they managed to record lots of combination.  One of which was at Fury Bass Studio/France with Viking Lamsbread and Magical T.  That same year Moni went to Germany to collaborate in a album of Steinregen Dub System where she met many great musicians from different countries their and they also recorded and played in the African Kiss Festival.

Im a reggae artist singing roots and culture and all things Urban.


Classical latin music like Silvio Rodriguez, Mercedes Sosa, Fito Paez; Nina Simone, Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, The Wailers,  Ben Harper,  King Tubby, Prince Jammys, Scientist, Lee Perry, Linval Thompson, Tenor Saw, Sister Nancy, Johnny Clark, Johnny Osbourne, Junior Byles, Dennis Brown, Burning Spears, Black Uhuru, Steel Pulse, Delroy Wilson, Horance Andy, Barry Brown, Richard Ace, Jacob Millar, Inner Circle, Janis Joplin, Led Zeppelin, Mozart, Bethoven,

Some of the gigs  she have done is “Shiriki Reggae Festival 2008” Elche SP, «Save The Coast 2008” Villajoyosa SP. “Murciareggae ” and “Granada Reggae Festival” collaborating with Don Fe, Prince Jamo and Zackeous Jackson in 2009, “Rototom Sunsplash” SP (08/25/10 DUB STATION with JAH SHAKA e ITAL SOUND, 08/26/10 LION STAGE «Lady’s Night”, 27/08/10 JUANITA, 08/28/10 ZION TOWN).

«Uppsala Reggae Festival” SE August 2010, Colaborating with Naaman in “Solion Reggae Festival” FR 2011, «Organic Roots Festival” SP 2012, «African Kiss Festival” GR 2012 and many more..